Balance Method Masterclass

Are you ready for the next step?
Do you feel the need to go into depth?
Do you want to treat complex complaints effectively?

Then this masterclass is for you!

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For whom is this masterclass

This master class is for acupuncturists who have completed all of Kris Oosting's post-graduate courses in the series Effective Treatment of Pain with Acupuncture and Effective Treatment of Functional Complaints with Acupuncture.
As this is an advanced level course you will need to have completed the following modules:

  • Effective Pain Management with Acupuncture parts 1, 2 and 3.
  • Effective Treatment of Functional Complaints with Acupuncture - Meridian Conversion (Yi Jing)
  • Effective Treatment of Functional Complaints with Acupuncture - Five Phases (Wu Xing)
  • Effective Treatment of Functional Complaints with Acupuncture - Seasons & Cycles.
  • Meridian Conversion Clinic and Wu Xing Clinic.
  • Preferably the course in Qi Jing Ba Mai.

Furthermore you need to apply the Balance Method in your practice of course.
And you can't wait to dive into the subject matter during these three days of intensive training.

What can you do after this masterclass

After attending this masterclass, you will be able to treat complex functional complaints effectively and in a balanced way with acupuncture in a client-friendly manner.
You will be able to correctly apply and integrate all techniques of the Balance Method into an effective treatment.
You have learned a deepening and extension of the Balance Method.

You are able to treat complex problems quickly and effectively with the Balance Method and make even more clients happy!

Why this masterclass

To take the results of Balance Method acupuncture treatments to the next level.
For Acupuncturists who need deeper knowledge of the Balance Method and want to grow in this effective method of acupuncture.
This masterclass meets that need.

The teacher treats clients daily with the methods offered in this refresher course and achieves good results which he is happy to share.


Participants will receive a special webinar before the start to properly prepare for this masterclass.

Structure of the masterclass

In order to closely connect the course material to your daily work as an acupuncturist, the teacher will, through case studies and interactive teaching methods, focus on the practical application of the methods discussed.
We work in small groups to make the material tangible and applicable. This allows you to work with it directly in your own practice.
This training distinguishes itself by its wealth of practical examples and an extensive syllabus.

This masterclass is an intensive experience where you are fully immersed in the Balance Method. The group is kept small in order to provide personal guidance.
Classes take place in the morning, afternoon and evening. Hence, this master class is held internally. I.e. the participants will stay overnight.
This intensive master class includes about 20 hours of teaching.


The program is intensive to achieve as much as possible in a short period of time. It is therefore essential that the participant has the required prior knowledge.
During this masterclass the complex theory is made clear and practical for your daily practice.

This masterclass will include the following topics:

  • Extensions on seasonal balance and cycles for accurate synchronization with the Qi of the seasons and its changes.
  • Extensions on Wu Xing - Five Phases. Going into depth with the movement and quality of Qi.
  • Dr. Tan's strategy of the 12 magic points. Bringing all twelve meridians into balance.
  • Applying the Perfect Global Balance Structures and Indirect Balance clinically. In combination with the Qi Jing Ba Mai.
  • Meditation for the Balance Method Acupuncturist. Everything starts with the Yi of the acupuncturist.
  • Working out complex practice cases in groups.
  • Exchange experiences and learn from them.
  • Flag work: red, yellow, green and what are we going to do with this.
  • Diagrams and overviews for your practice.
  • Questions from participants.


The lecturer.
Kris Oosting has had a practice in acupuncture and Chinese phytotherapy since 2003. He has set up the successful acupuncture pain clinic where work is done completely according to Dr. Tan's balance method. After taking classes with Dr. Tan, he applies the Tan Balance Method every day in practice with success and much pleasure. Through research, practice and internships in China, he has accumulated his experience and enjoys sharing it through his post-graduate courses.

In October 2020, Kris published his first book titled Balance Method Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain and Discomfort.
In October 2021, his second book was published with title Balance Method Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain and Discomfort - Volume 2.

Since 2006, he has been the head teacher of the Chinese Herbal Therapy course and teaches with dedication and enthusiasm.
Kris is vice-chairman of the NEN-ISO standards committee with regard to setting quality standards for TCM. From 2010 until today he is the representative of Qing-Bai Academy in this standards committee. He is an expert in the Health Informatics working group. For him, the professionalization of the field of TCM is essential.

Since 2005, Kris has been following studies in the TCM classics, such as the Huang Di Nei Jing Suwen and Lingshu, the Nan Jing, Sun Simiao, Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lüe.
In 2010, he successfully completed a 2-year course in Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lüe at Shandong TCM University in Jinan, China.

Like other teachers at Academy Qing-Bai, Kris followed the HBO teacher training at the Free University in Amsterdam, which ensures a didactically sound course.

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