On A Mission


My motivation for doing research and writing my books is best explained by Confucius. Confucius wrote in his Analects, Book 7, line 7.8: "Only someone bursting with eagerness do I instruct; only someone bubbling with excitement do I enlighten. If I hold up a corner and a man cannot come back to me with the other three, I will not continue the lesson."

Dr. Tan was my "Confucius" for acupuncture. He held up a corner by teaching his course. I hope to return with the other three corners by writing three books.

The balance method is a wonderful foundation for further growth.
I believe that everyone has something valuable to share. As a result, our field of expertise is growing. On this website you will find my contribution.

How it began

Kris Oosting launched the Balance Method Revolution on October 9, 2021 at the first Dutch Balance Method Conference with the mission of giving people with chronic pain their lives back - safely, affordably and easily.

An acupuncturist for 20 years and teacher for 15 years, he has been an advocate of the Balance Method for 8 years. He teaches 15 course modules on the Balance Method, wrote two books on the subject and runs the largest Balance Method Acupuncture clinic in the Netherlands.

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